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What is Vegan Cross Country?

Dear lovely reader,

I love watching food shows.  Travel logs, cooking demos, competitions, you name it.  Sure, sometimes I have to flip the channel while they demo a whole hog roast, but so what?  Well, I’ll tell you what.  I don’t like having to flip the channel.  Having to flip the channel stresses me out when I’m trying to chill.

This dilemma got me thinking: why isn’t there a good vegan food show?  Vegans are gaining in numbers and vegan-friendly choices are becoming more and more mainstream, even among omnivorous eaters.

This thought had been brewing for a while when I recently packed up all my belongings and prepared for a cross country trip.  I was moving from New York City to LA: from one vegan mecca to another.

Like anyone else embarking on a road trip, I looked forward to experiencing the local flavors of the towns I passed through.  This is the show, I thought.  A vegan road trip show.  Think “Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations” meets “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” meets “Unique Eats” meets a refreshing new take on classic American fare.

Now, that’s a show I want to watch.

I decided to turn the journey into a test run for the show, setting out to chronicle the vegan cross country eats I found in a blog that could both illustrate the type of show I want to make and prove there is a demand for vegan programming.

Whether you’re a big city vegan itching to hit the road, a small-town vegetarian longing for more options or just someone who likes good food, join me for the next ten weeks as I uncover my findings.

If you like what you see, share it on Facebook, write it up on your blog, shout it out from the mountaintops.  With enough support, Vegan Cross Country can become the vegan travel food show that we’ve all been waiting for, and hopefully pave the way for even more vegan food programming.

xo Martine

filmmaker. road tripper. nacho lover.

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